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Restylane Specialist

Edriss Estimé, MD -  - Internal Medicine

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Edriss Estimé, MD

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Restylane is the next level in cosmetic medicine for people who want to look as young as they feel. Dr. Edriss Estimé with Clermont Internal and Cosmetic Medicine in Clermont, Florida believes in taking a holistic approach to medical care. Offering his patients services that can help them feel their best in every way. RestyLane is the solution for patients that want a lift that lasts.

RestyLane Q & A

What is RestyLane?

RestyLane is the brand name for a type of injectable filler that adds volume under the skin. The goal is twofold for most people: to finally get that one feature the always dreamed of, like prominent cheek bones or full lips, while filling out areas to remove wrinkles.

What is RestyLane made from?

RestyLane injectable fillers are made from a natural substance that already exists in the body–hyaluronic acid, or hyaluronan. You'll find hyaluronic acid in connective, epithelial (skin) and neural tissues. It's also a major component in the synovial fluid. Scientists call it the "goo" molecule because it creates resilience.

As the key ingredient in RestyLane fillers, it helps skin retain its moist, soft feeling while adding volume. Dr. Estimé uses it to help you erase lines around your face, and begin to look and feel better. It is able to:

  • Lift cheeks
  • Smooth parentheses lines
  • Smooth vertical lip line
  • Plump the lips

The final result is a long-lasting and natural filler.

Is RestyLane a surgical procedure?

No, it is actually a way many of Dr. Estimé's patients avoid having cosmetic surgery. It is an injectable gel treatment that takes anywhere from 15-60 minutes to complete, and is done right in the office. There may be some mild discomfort, but many of the RestyLane products have a pain-reducing ingredient as part of the formula. Once done, you can return to your daily activities looking and feeling better about your appearance.

Are there any risks with RestyLane?

There are minor risks with just about any procedure, but complications are rare. You might experience some bruising around the injection sites that will subside. For the most part, patients complain very little about discomfort and side effects with this product.

In rare cases, some patients have an allergic reaction to the gel, which is why it's important to see a professional like Dr. Estimé for the injections. He is a medical doctor and can control any serious allergic reactions.

How long does the filler last?

Results vary by patient, but most enjoy up to two years with this product. In some cases, they may need to come back to Dr. Estimé's office for a minor correction during the time.