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Edriss Estimé, MD

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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a safe and effective facial wrinkle treatment that helps the body use its own natural healing power to fight the signs of aging. Dr. Edriss Estimé with Clermont Internal and Cosmetic Medicine in Clermont, Florida, offers this service to his patients who want to look and feel better about themselves, but don't want to rely on artificial fillers or surgery to get there.


What is PRP? 

Your blood is a mixture of red cells, white cells, and platelets. All of those cells float in a liquid called plasma. Platelets are well known for participating in blood clotting. In addition, they contain special proteins that promote natural tissue healing by using a concentrated mixture of platelets from your own blood, one loaded with growth factors and cytokines. PRP is a common treatment in aesthetic medicine, but it is used in a number of other disciplines. For instance, if you receive PRP injections in a bothersome joint, it can help heal tissue damaged by such incidents as trauma or disease. 

How does Dr. Estime use PRP? 

Dr. Estimé and his staff specialize in cosmetic medicine. Our staff will take your blood, isolate the platelets and discard the red and white cells. We then inject just the platelets (and plasma) into the joints. That way, your damaged tissue may be healed expeditiously and naturally. No chemicals. No cuts. The entire procedure takes about an hour. 

Dr. Estimé is highly skilled in PRP procedures and offers this therapy for the following conditions: 

• Knee pain and injury 

• Shoulder pain and injury 

• Hair loss 

• Facial Rejuvenation. 

Example (Facial Rejuvenation) - Wrinkles occur when skin loses its elasticity–a common side effect of the aging process. This happens in part because the skin stops producing collagen, a fibrous tissue that helps maintain the infrastructure of the skin tissue. 

By injecting plasma-rich platelets into key areas around the face, Dr. Estimé stimulates the skin cells which encourages them to create new, fresh layers that are firm with newly made collagen. It's a treatment that gives you a fresh new appearance, one that is more radiant and smooth.

Is PRP safe?

Yes. PRP treatments use your own natural healing materials to achieve the desired result, so risks are minimal.

It starts with Dr. Estime, or a member of his staff taking your blood. That blood is spun down to remove the red and white blood cells. What's left is platelet-rich plasma (PRP), full of growth factors and cytokines that work to stimulate a healing response. Results will show smoother skin, making wrinkles less visible.

How long does it take to notice results?

Patients generally report positive results after about three weeks, but it can vary from patient to patient. At the start, you may notice firmer skin, but over the next few months the wrinkles will flatten out as the skin becomes healthier and younger looking.

If you are considering natural restoration treatments, look no further than Dr. Estime of Clermont Internal and Cosmetic Medicine.