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Why Concierge Medicine?




Introducing the first  Concierge Medicine Service in  Clermont.  You no longer have to wait hours in a doctor's office to be seen.  Be seen any time in your own home or in the clinic. Have your doctor's personal cell phone and speak directly with your doctor anytime.


1) We bring 19th-century medicine's conscience back while espousing the modern medicine technology and knowledge.

2) We are proactive rather than being reactive.

3) If you have a health-related question or concern at 3 AM, you may call your doctor at 3 AM. You will not get an answering service.

4) If you need an imaging study or procedure and the almighty insurance company denies it, we will tirelessly advocate on your behalf.

5) The doctor who treats you today is the same doctor who will treat you at your next appointment. No rotating providers. This is healthcare the way it should be.

Concierge Medicine is also known as retainer medicine or direct care. It is a relationship between a patient and a primary care doctor whereby the patient pays a monthly or annual fee for enhanced care. It also ensures that the doctor is available for the patient at, virtually, all time; day and night.

This service was created in response to the unfortunate fact that patients are not always obtaining optimal care due to the nonsensical restrictions imposed by insurance companies. Good patient care has been sorely sacrificed for the benefit of insurance companies whose only aim is, sadly,  to spend as little as possible on patient care so to maximize profit.  The net result is that patients are receiving poor, purely symbolic, and rushed care; doctors are frustrated, whereas insurance companies continue to be more and more profitable.

Concierge medicine places healthcare back in the hands of the doctor and his/her patient, which is exactly where it belongs. The good news is that this service is very affordable and does pay for itself rather quickly.

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